Uptown Art Walk Gallery

New York City is widely regarded as the “headquarters” of the art world. The city hosts about 1500 art galleries. The best-known area for art viewing in New York City is Chelsea. This area has a lot of large galleries with a lot of historical and modern art.

However, the area of uptown New York is beginning to stake a claim to being the best place to view art in New York City. That claim might have some truth to it considering the number of galleries that are opening up on that side of New York.

Below are some of the galleries that are placing Uptown New York under the artistic spotlight.

Americas Society Gallery.

This gallery is located in a tight space in uptown New York City that helps viewers develop a close relationship with the art. It is run by a group of art lovers and collectors that major in historical, modern and contemporary art. The gallery runs Visual Art exhibitions and publications throughout the year.

The Americas society majorly highlights work from Central and South America and the Caribbean. The show here has been running for more than 50 years making the Americas Society Gallery one of the oldest galleries in New York. You will always find a wonderful exhibition going on at a gallery which has just a bit of everything.

Luxembourg & Dayan.

Luxembourg & Dayan represents one of the modern galleries that have been established in uptown New York. It was founded in 2009 by art lovers Amalia Dayan and Daniella Luxembourg. Luxembourg & Dayan also have a gallery in London.

This gallery attempts to reconcile historical postwar art with modern contemporary art. A leisurely stroll along the elegant gallery halls will really have you excited and curious. Every visit to this gallery represents a new experience. The unique blend of historical and contemporary blue-chip art really excites the mind. It is definitely worth a visit.

Tilton Gallery.

The Tilton Gallery is handily located along New York’s famous “Museum Mile”. The gallery has stood tall for over 35 years wowing New York with a vast array of historical and contemporary art.

Tilton Gallery is perhaps best known for its willingness to nurture talent. Contemporary artists such as Fred Tomaselli and Francis Alys have all had exhibitions at this gallery. They have since become some of the leading contemporary artists around the world. Every visit to the Tilton Gallery is always a new experience since you’ll always literally find something new to see.

Galerie Buchholz.

The gallery hosts a blend of contemporary and historical art. The gallery is run by Alex Zachary and it features a host of talented artists including Isa Genzken and Moyra Davey. The opening day exhibition by Raymond Roussel remains one of the best art exhibitions at Galerie Buchholz to date. You can visit this library to get your dose of incredible contemporary art.

Galerie Buchholz was opened in New York in 2015 by Daniel Buchholz. However, the Galerie Buchholz name is more than 30 years old with art galleries in Berlin and Cologne. Daniel Buchholz runs the gallery together with Christopher Muller.

Barbara Mathes Gallery.

This gallery was formed back in 1978 by art historian, Barbara Mathes. The gallery specializes in sculptures, paintings, and contemporary art. The gallery is famous for its imaginative exhibitions that portray contemporary artists in a unique and amazing light. The gallery also focuses on the works of historical artists. In 2015, the gallery exhibited the early work renowned artist, Tadaaki Kuwayama.

In addition, the gallery also goes big on post-war historical art. The gallery has regularly exhibited the works of Italian artist, Fausto Melotti. American artists such as Carl Andre and Sol Lewitt have also had their works exhibited here. This is a gallery with a little bit of everything. It has art that will appeal to any art lover’s eyes. It is definitely worth a visit.

The Simon Lee Gallery is one of the newer galleries in uptown New York City. It opened its New York gallery in 2014. However, the first gallery was opened in London in 2003. Simon Lee Gallery also has a gallery in Hong Kong.

Simon Lee Gallery.

This gallery is similar to a Florida art gallery and is located at a townhouse that gives you plenty of space to admire the contemporary art on show. The gallery hosts year-round events and exhibitions. Simon Lee Gallery exhibits the works of both new and established artists to keep art lovers interested. Some of the artists that have graced this gallery include Christopher Wool and Larry Clark.

Almine Rech Gallery.

The Almine Rech was opened by Almine Rech in 1997 in Paris. Her keen eye for art led to the expansion of the gallery to London and Brussels. The New York gallery was opened in 2016 under the direction of Rech’s son, Paul De Froment.

Paul stated that they favored the uptown New York area since it provided an “intimate” environment for one to experience art. The gallery started off well with more than fifty exhibitions done by Picasso and Calder. The gallery hosts a blend of historical and contemporary art. For instance, the company plans to present De Wain Valentine’s work dating from 1967.

Craig F. Starr Gallery.

Craig F. Starr has been in operation in New York since 1985. The gallery mostly deals with 19th and 20th Century American works. The gallery is famous for its exhibitions of rare works from the Americas. Some of the rare works the gallery has exhibited are from artists such as John Marin and Stuart Davis.

The gallery also shows some contemporary art at various times of the year. The gallery has recently exhibited sculptures crafted by contemporary artist, Joel Shapiro.

Delhi Art Gallery.

Delhi Art Gallery opened up its first international gallery in New York in 2015. The main aim of this gallery is to introduce Indian art into the American art space.

This huge gallery is filled with historical and contemporary Indian art. Artists such as S.H. Raza and M.F. Hussain regularly have exhibitions there. This is a great place to learn about Indian culture through Indian art.

Uptown New York City is a great place to experience art. It is a place where you can view historical and modern art in its truest form. It is a place where any art lover should visit for a truly mind-blowing experience.

There are many other places for you to experience art in uptown New York City apart from the places listed above. However, the places above represent the best places to start your art journey in uptown New York City. You will definitely have a great time with all the art on show!